With the nights drawing in and the winter work grind in full flow, there’s only one way to get through… start planning for all the great things you’re going to do next year! If you’re a business owner, HR manager, or team manager, these upcoming plans may involve organising the team offsite.

First decision; location. You want a location that has wow-factor character and the capacity to challenge your team, but also somewhere they feel comfortable. We’re here to tell you we’ve found the perfect place… North Wales and Snowdonia!

Why North Wales & Snowdonia are some of the best locations for a team offsite in the UK…

Aside from the obvious reasons to visit North Wales; mountain tops above the clouds, rugged coastal paths, wildlife, greenery, …(we could go on)…there are also lots of reasons the location is perfect for a UK-based team offsite. Here are Big Blue Adventures’ top four reasons North Wales is the perfect place to have your 2023 UK-based team offsite!

Adventure Activities

Thanks to the stunning coastlines and mountain ranges that make up Wales’ landscape, there are adventure activities around every corner. Adventure activities are a great way for your team to organically connect. Active corporate retreats in nature are replacing any painful in-office ‘afternoon team building sessions’ in 2023. We know at Big Blue the connections between people happen when they’re either soaked in water or trekking to the top of mountains. Give your team an experience they’ll truly enjoy and remember.

Ready to jump on a canyoning adventure

Some available activities for your team offsite in North Wales…


Have your team face the elements together! Water-based adventure activities for team offsites in Wales are a great balance between having a laugh and facing a challenge. In North Wales, the most popular water-based activity for team offsites is canyoning in Snowdonia. This activity involves traversing down a gushing river, jumping into plunge pools and abseiling down waterfalls! In this adrenaline-fueled environment, your team will naturally encourage and support one another – cheering especially on the big jumps!

If canyoning isn’t for you, there’s white water rafting and paddleboarding amongst other options. As well as this, there are plenty of other outdoor activities that are easy to combine on an adventure weekend, such as rock climbing and mountain biking. North Wales truly can accommodate all your company’s offsite adventure needs!

White water rafting down the River Dee


Wherever you end up in North Wales for your team offsite, you’re guaranteed one thing – a great hike. The hill-swept region means that beautiful hiking routes are never far away. The most famous hiking area in Wales is Snowdonia, home to the most breathtaking views in the country. This mountainous region of North Wales has hundreds of route options and can accommodate walkers of all abilities. A great team offsite activity is climbing the mighty 1085m up Snowdon, Wales’ tallest mountain. This challenge always leaves teams with a resonating feeling of triumph and accomplishment.

Views on a hike in Snowdonia

Zipworld, and Adventure Parc Snowdonia

Zipworld and Adventure Parc Snowdonia are ideal for corporate groups looking to go on a company offsite in the UK. They’re a great option for UK-based day-trip team offsites because they offer accommodation, food, unique adrenaline-fueled activities, as well as excellent corporate spaces for conferences and workshops.

Adventure Parc Snowdonia offers a surf lagoon, aqua park, and even a spa. Amongst other activities, Zipworld specialises in ziplining – your team could experience riding on the world’s fastest zipline, or, if they don’t want the fun to be over too quickly, make your way over obstacles and ziplines in the underground adventure Caverns.

Accommodation Options

There are plenty of accommodation options for your company offsite in Wales – whether you’re looking for luxury, wilderness, or a combination of both… we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our firm favourites when it comes to UK team offsites in North Wales and Snowdonia.

Cottages, bunkhouses & log cabins

Situated in the heart of Snowdonia is a collection of cottages ideal for smaller groups who want to be self-catered. How can your team not appreciate the offsite whilst staying in a quaint, peaceful, riverside cottage… right? Bunkhouses embody the charm of a cottage but are better suited to bigger groups, such as a nice quality one in Beddgelert.

Some of our favourite bunkhouses are right in the midst of nature, making them ideal for adventure-based multi-night team offsites. Log cabins give your team a taste of forest living whilst keeping them comfortable. With their fully equipped kitchen facilities and a decking area from which guests can enjoy astounding views, we have to say Trawsfynydd Holiday Village takes our top spot as log cabin accommodation for company offsites in North Wales and Snowdonia.

Beddgelert Snowdonia North Wales


For larger team sizes, hotels are always a great option. If you’re looking to do outdoor team building in the UK but are uncertain about which hotel best suits your needs, Big Blue can help find a perfect fit. Ensure you’re spending your time making memories with co-workers, rather than worrying about whether your hotel is too far away from your activity.


It’s a well-known fact that some people love camping… whilst others scrunch their noses up at the thought. Plas Weunydd has found a way to please everyone with a 5* glamping site that means teams feel close to nature, but don’t need to worry about bringing a sleeping bag. Their glamping huts sit in the heart of Snowdonia and are a brilliant accommodation option for smaller offsite groups. Each tent is fitted with beds, wi-fi, and cooking facilities, and all have an adventure right on the doorstep. Unlike any other camping experience, glamping would be an unforgettable team offsite experience that suits both nature and luxury lovers.


Wales’ long and complex history makes for a rich culture, one that is weaved in the Welsh people and their land to this day. A place of myths, legends, and world-famous poets – the historians in your team would have an absolute field day exploring North Wales.


Did you know that the people of North Wales are the most ancient of Britons? That’s right, they’ve existed for a quarter of a million years! It comes as no surprise, then, that North Wales and Snowdonia are goldmines of historical treasures your team can uncover during their offsite. At every turn, you’ll find a landmark or piece of architecture with an underpinning story that’s guaranteed to get your team talking.

The Smallest House in Great Britain, Conwy


For those who have an interest in language, Wales is the place to be. The Welsh language has been evolving for 4000 years. Today, 30% of people in Wales speak Welsh. Historically, the Welsh language has been a feature of many law changes, revolts, and borders, reminiscences of which remain visible today. If history isn’t your team’s thing, then the least you can do is have a go at pronouncing the name of the world’s longest railway station…

The world’s longest railway station name, Anglesey


For companies based in the UK, avoid flying by booking your team offsite in the UK. It’s a greener choice, and we appreciate teams being sustainably conscious. Reach North Wales sustainably using direct rail connections from London and the Midlands. Alternatively, a popular option for UK team offsites heading to North Wales is to share a bus from your office. Nothing like a long journey to allow your team time to get to know one another!

If you have an international team and are looking to travel from airports to North Wales and Snowdonia, the best airports to fly to are Manchester and Liverpool.

Time to plan for 2023…

Now you know why we think North Wales and Snowdonia are brilliant locations for your company offsite in 2023! There are so many activities and accommodation options available, so if you’d like a helping hand, or to play around with some ideas that might suit your group, just get in touch. We’d love to help.

Diolch a gwelwn ni ti cyn bo hir! (thanks and we will see you soon)


Written by Mia Foster, Group Travel Assistant