Are you sensing your crew are stressed out at work? Maybe a bit flat in energy? Is the company culture slipping away? Or, there’s a good chance you’re all a bit ‘Zoomed Out’ considering everything we have all endured in the face of Covid-19. As life becomes more and more online, with time it seems going by faster and faster – the need for teams to reconnect ‘offline’ is huge. And a good business retreat away from the daily grind is in need! Here are 3 reasons why surfing is perfect for getting the best from your team in 2021.

Why catching waves together is a quality activity for a business retreat & corporate wellness

There are a few fantastic ways to bring surfing into your business world:

  • The most popular way is by creating a multi-day surf camp as your business retreat. Surfing with positive beach vibes creates a unique and positive energy for an engaged corporate getaway. So, a private surf-camp provides a great opportunity for those important strategic meetings. The surf lessons with other trip extras like yoga and local exploring combine perfectly for a fun, yet resourceful team event.
  • Don’t have the time to take days away? You could choose to head out on a surf day with a local surf school. It’s recommended to double up on the surf lessons though, as the second session is always the best as you get into the flow of surfing.
  • Or, for more regular doses of surf happiness and wellness, you could set up a corporate surf club where you frequently catch waves together. Surf can be utilised nicely as part of an ongoing wellness and incentive programme for your hard-working staff.

Whatever way you bring surfing into your business, it really is an amazing team building and wellness activity!

Ready to catch some waves in 2021? Drop us a quick message and see how we can create a private surf camp, surf day out or an ongoing surf club for your business. We provide surf lessons in Portugal or surf in Wales as well as being a handy one-stop shop for group travel and team-building services.

Thanks for reading our blog and I hope to see you in the line-up soon,

Daniel Manley


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