What makes the Arrabida Natural Park perfect for Corporate Breaks?

Lisbon has a lot to offer no matter what your team is looking for in an ideal corporate break. Within an hours drive from the capital is the hidden gem of Arrabida Natural Park, its main seaside town Sesimbra is the perfect place to bond with your colleagues. Soak up the sun and sea by relaxing on the nearby beaches, or satisfy your taste for adventure by enjoying an array of water sports such as coasteering and sea kayaking. Witness breathtaking views by venturing on a 4×4 Jeep tour or a peaceful hike, where you can enjoy outstanding views of the area from the top of rugged sea-cliffs.

Experience traditional Portuguese culture by becoming enriched in the local cuisine and tasting an array of delicious wines at the various authentic wine houses, which is a rapidly growing scene in the area. The action-packed area is just a 50-minute drive south of Lisbon. Arrabida has everything you need to enjoy a refreshing corporate break with your team.

Why Bringing Your Team Together Is Important

Lockdown has left us feeling more disconnected than ever before, and it’s time to reconnect with each other in order to improve our working relationships and mental wellbeing. Taking a corporate break with colleagues gives the perfect opportunity to separate ourselves from the stress we associate with work-related interactions.

Enjoying activities that are not work-related can also help clear our minds and boost team morale. Plus, employees tend to be more creative and productive when they have a better work-life balance. Switching off from digital devices and reconnecting with the world around us has never been more important. The more we connect with, and understand our colleagues outside our remote workplaces, the more refreshed and motivated we may feel when returning to this way of working. There has never been a better time to visit Portugal than now to experience for yourself just how beneficial eco-retreats can be for both you and your entire digital team.

Eco Retreats At Villa Epicurea In Arrabida

The Modern and chic eco-resort of Villa Epicurea will have your team feeling right at home on your next corporate break. Connect with your colleagues by strolling to the nearby beaches through the rural forestry landscape. Meanwhile, the on-site chef provides wonderful vegetarian and vegan options to suit all tastes.

In the Arrabida you can challenge yourself and try a wide range of activities such as rock-climbing, coasteering, via-ferrata, kayaking, dolphin watching and much more.

When you want to wind down, relax in the natural bio pool, designed to appear like a natural body of water, the pool is filled organically rather than with chemicals, so is great for your skin. Work on mental clarity with a yoga class, or indulge in wellness and holistic treatments to refresh the body. Since there is growing evidence that living within nature helps to calm the mind and has great physical effects on the body, invest in your team and a corporate break in Lisbon. As far as eco-retreats go, there is no better resort to visit than Villa Epicurea. It is the perfect resort to help your small team relax, unwind and enjoy their natural surroundings. Immersing ourselves in a different culture when we have been so shut off from the world over the past couple of years, will do wonders for you and your team!