So, coasteering is jumping off rocks into the sea, right? Yes and no. We hear this a lot, “how big are the jumps?” “How many jumps and is it just jumping off stuff?” I mean sure, coasteering includes epic jumps and it certainly injects some adrenaline into your day, but coasteering is so much more than cliff jumping, or tombstoning.

A good short way of understanding coasteering is seeing it as an adventurous exploration of the coastline (cheers Pete!). It’s an exhilarating way of travelling across the sea level of a rocky coastline by scrambling, traversing, swimming, playing in the swells, exploring caves and jumping into deep sea water! Sounds like a good laugh, eh?

A Quick History on Coasteering.

Coasteering is also now registered in the Oxford Dictionary as  “the sport or activity of exploring a rocky coastline by climbing, jumping, and swimming.” And its history being “a blend of coast and mountaineering”. The first time the word coasteering was thought to have emerged was in the book Sea Cliff Climbing, John Cleare and Robin Collomb said “A few enthusiasts believe that coasteering will become popular and has a big future”. Boys, you weren’t wrong.

Why Wales Is The Ultimate Destination For Coasteering?

In my own experience, coasteering is best served on a beautiful, dramatic coastline with big cliffs and caves. While you don’t want to go coasteering in an El Nino type storm, you do also want some swell to make it fun and you do want your coastline to have been shaped by the energy of angry seas over the years. That’s what you have with the landscapes likes Rhossili Bay in Gower, to St Nons in Pembrokeshire and up to the shores of Anglesey. Big cliffs, caves, nice swell sections where the coast plays a role in a natural waterpark and just the sheer beauty of it all. With over 800 miles of award winning coastline in Wales we are spoiled for choice and it is something us Welshies are proud of, being the crazy people that started it all (officially at least). So, what better place to have a crack at coasteering than the epic coastline of Wales?

Daniel Manley

Founder & Co-owner of Big Blue Adventures

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