by Lauren Whyld

If you’re looking to plan a corporate retreat then we understand your working team is important to you. An organised, well planned and faultlessly delivered retreat can be the ideal way to show your appreciation… and the bonus is it comes with loads of benefits. It can help strengthen relations within the company, motivate new ideas, improve employer satisfaction, or commemorate reaching milestones.

Yoga (especially beach yoga) is renowned for its physical and mental benefits. It helps reduce stress, increase energy levels, strengthen the body, and blissfully escape the pressures of daily life.

With the sheer magnitude of benefits to physical and mental health, it comes as no surprise that yoga is so on trend and the perfect addition to any corporate retreat.

So Why Beach Yoga on A Corporate Retreat?

1:  Beach Yoga Includes Everyone

With the adaptability to tailor to first timers, total pros and anything in-between  you can be confident knowing everyone will be as comfortable, or as challenged, as they would like to be during each session.

2: It’s a Great Experience

Above anything else, you want to give your team an experience they will value and enjoy. Based on the popularity of yoga, it’s likely members of your team will be in one of the following positions: (and no, we’re not talking downward facing dog or warrior pose just yet).


a). they are already yogis and will appreciate the inclusion of yoga on the retreat….(especially on a beach).


b). yoga is new to them and this corporate retreat can allow them a great first experience. They can replace the daunting prospect of a class at the gym (surrounded by freakishly flexible experts), with a team bonding experience surrounded by friendly faces on a picturesque beach.

3: It’s Flexible

And not just the physical kind! Beach yoga works equally well to wake up and revive as it does to wind-down and de-clutter the mind.

It works wonders as a cool down for the more adventurous groups, providing some well earned TLC after an action-packed day of mountain bikingrock climbing or surfing.

And as a tranquil start for the more restful among us, who might appreciate the serenity and repose of beach yoga after a scenic hike or idyllic day paddleboarding.

4: It Can Increase Your Corporate Social Responsibility

As well as benefiting you and your team, beach yoga with Big Blue Adventures can boost your Corporate Social Responsibility. Firstly, by booking with a company that actively supports local businesses and eco-friendly products. And secondly, by incorporating a beach clean into the experience; showing people you’re actively improving your surrounding environment and encouraging others to do the same.

CIOB incorporating a beach clean into their corporate retreat in Gower

5: Finally, It’s Always In A Great Location

Beach yoga is…surprise, done on the beach!

The soothing meditative state of yoga allows you to shut off from everyday life. Appreciate the captivating surroundings and sensory experience nature has to offer. And simply relax.

…And who knows, you might love the yoga experience so much you decide to incorporate it into your daily office life!

“Monday morning mediation anyone?”