It can sometimes be easy to forget that one person’s travel destination is another person’s home. At Big Blue Adventures, we try to work at a local level and promote responsible and sustainable travel wherever possible.

Sustainable travel and activities present a pressing challenge in the tourism industry, but we’re dedicated to enhancing our practices. That’s why we’re actively working to improve the way we operate, and encourage our clients and partners to invest in initiatives that prioritize sustainability. By embracing responsible tourism, we aim to minimize our environmental footprint, help preserve local ecosystems, and support local communities. Together, we can create meaningful experiences that benefit both travellers and the destinations they visit.

Later this month, the Big Blue Adventures team will dedicate time during our strategy away day to conduct a beach clean in the Gower, Wales. This initiative is a regular part of our agenda, serving not only to reaffirm our commitment to preserving the environments we explore, but also strengthen the way we work together as a team. 

Beach cleans offer a fantastic opportunity for your organisation to involve teams in local causes, while enjoying nature and setting an example for other businesses on the importance of environmental stewardship.

Here are a few more ideas of what your company can do to help: 

  • Donate to one of our partners – Mossy Earth and Surfers Against Sewage – fund a project, or become a member, or support marine conservation organisations local to your business. 
  • Use volunteer days for beach clean-ups. 
  • Book your next company offsite with us? Add a beach clean to your package!
  • Implement sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact.

We see the positive impact even the small acts of care and investment can make at a local level, to people and our planet. While we know there is much more to do to make tourism and adventure travel more sustainable, we are committed to promoting responsible practices and continuing to build lasting local partnerships.


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