Team Building Activities in Lisbon, Portugal

8th October 2020 | Company Retreats & Team-Building, Portugal, Travel Blog

Stunning views over to Ponte 25 de abril in Lisbon city

Good relationships and clear communication between colleagues are the foundations of a happy and productive workforce. One way to truly deepen and develop these aspects in a company is to organise team building exercises for your office. This can seem like a daunting task, but we have listed some awesome ideas in this travel blog to get that ball rolling in the right direction!

We have a lot of experience in organising group and corporate retreats, and if you’re looking for a team building destination in Europe you’ve come to the right place; we run team building activities throughout Portugal! But, if the idea of disappearing into the wild countryside of a foreign country makes you anxious…. Don’t worry, as you can enjoy a huge range of both indoor and outdoor events in the picture-perfect city of Lisbon and its surrounding area. So, without further ado, here are a few of the thrilling team building activities we offer in Lisbon!

Cycling, Tuk Tuk or e-Scooter Tours in Lisbon City

Whilst Lisbon is something of a twisting, turning and up-and-down kind of city, it is a remarkably easy place to explore by bicycle. As well as taking a mountain biking tour, both in and around the city, you can opt to use an electric bike so that you can explore an even greater distance. Our expert biking instructors will take you on a tour to suit your level of experience, and help you explore Lisbon in a totally new light.

But if biking seems a little bit strenuous, you can always discover the city and its surrounding areas via tuk tuk! Our tuk tuk tours are tailor made for you so we’ll make sure your trip is a unique experience for you and your team, incorporating everything that bonds you as a group.

And if you’re not sure about cycling or riding in a tuk tuk we can offer you one more unique and eco friendly way to explore Lisbon: e-scooters. Our local team will take you to all the secret spots the city has to offer, as well as making sure you enjoy some of those tourist highlights.

Surfing and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) in Lisbon

Sometimes it’s important to get away from the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan environment and get back to nature, but if you’re visiting Lisbon you don’t have to choose between city and nature! As well as offering urban city delights, Lisbon has some really terrific beaches with excellent surf. And as a group activity surfing is an absolute winner! You and your team can enjoy the sun, the clear blue water, and the calm intensity of riding the waves. The perfect balance between fun, getting active and a hit of feel good-good wellness from the power of the sea.

And if surfing seems a bit daunting, you can always try your hand at paddleboarding. SUP is a meditative way to enjoy the water, working with the flow from your paddle as you glide across the sea while maintaining your balance on large surf type boards (don’t worry, they are very buoyant and beginner friendly for tours!). As a group, you can explore the variety of coastlines in the region, from discovering cave systems and paddling under some of the awesome stone arches that the sea has carved out in the Arrabida, to enjoying the delightful urban coastal area of Cascais and the characteristic fishing harbours and bays.

SUP or surf goes perfectly with a beach yoga session to kick start the fun with a fitting warm up and time for some mindfulness and zen!

Yoga and SUP Yoga in Lisbon

Work is often defined by tasks, deadlines, and achievements. You spend most of your time with your colleagues in a situation that requires you to be switched on and performing at your best. Yoga gives people a chance to switch off and it’s when people are at their most relaxed that you can really get to know them. That makes yoga a perfect team-building activity.

It’s easy to do yoga in the city but if you want to make the most of Lisbon, why not try one of our beach-yoga sessions? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, our beach-yoga lessons are great for all levels. And if you want to take the experience up a notch, we also offer SUP Yoga – an extra challenge but also extra fun!

Yacht and Catamaran Sailing Tours

For a more relaxing way to bond with your team, you may want to try one of our sailing tours along the Lisbon coast and the Tagus River. There are plenty of sights to be seen from the water, and you can stop off along the way to enjoy some swimming and sunbathing. We can also include a BBQ and drinks on board. When you’re on a boat surrounded by the ocean it’s easy to get to know the people around you!

But these are merely a taste of the team building activities we offer. Lisbon is absolutely bristling with fun activities for you to enjoy in groups and Big Blue Adventures can help you organise and tailor your trip to suit your group style. From energetic activities like rock-climbing and coasteering to more relaxed experiences like 4×4 tours in the Arrabida Natural Park – where you can even explore Portuguese wines and see some medieval castles! We have more team building options on offer than you and your crew will have time for, but we will do our best to make sure you have the best team building excursion possible.

So if any of our activities piqued your interest, or if you just want to ask us about our trips and start talking plans, please get in touch! We’re waiting to make your Lisbon team building retreat the best experience ever.