3 Reasons why surfing is the ultimate Business Retreat & wellness activity

2nd January 2021 | Travel Blog

3 reasons why surfing is the ultimate wellness activity for a business etreat

Are you sensing your crew are stressed out at work? Maybe a bit flat in energy? Is the company culture slipping away? Or, there’s a good chance you’re all a bit ‘Zoomed Out’ considering everything we have all endured in the face of Covid-19. As life becomes more and more online, with time it seems going by faster and faster – the need for teams to reconnect ‘offline’ is huge. And a good business retreat away from the daily grind is in need! Here are 3 reasons why surfing is perfect for getting the best from your team in 2021.

Why catching waves together is a quality activity for a business retreat & corporate wellness

1. Surfing is a fantastic physical activity that reduces stress and provides a ‘happy’ boost as the body produces dopamine and serotonin. The physical act of surfing is a great exercise that really works the muscles all over your body while also improving your core fitness. And you really don’t need to be an extremely fit person to enjoy surfing either. Surfing is very beginner friendly and not ageist! It’s not exclusive for young people only and it’s such a fun way to get into better shape. Furthermore, having a happy team not only leads to a better togetherness, it also increases creativity and energy levels at work. The cherry on top is that all of the positive health effects from surfing help with business costs and productivity. A healthier crew will result in fewer members of staff needing time off work due to illnesses etc. A win-win situation!

Catching waves on a retreat in Lisbon, Portugal.

2. The time we spend in the ocean is proven to have a calming effect on us. The meditative style state you float into from being in the moment and catching waves eases tension and improves our mood. And as we all know, positive wellness experiences are so important for us both physically and mentally. So, why not switch from the red-zone your team may be in and go into the blue-zone through the power of vitamin-sea. Time to hit the surf with your comrades!

Surf in Wales? Yeah buddy!

3. The simple fact that surfing is awesome fun! Catching waves, supporting each other and sharing some smiles – what’s not to love about that? Happiness is always the goal! And as we all know, a happy team is a successful team.

Enjoying the surf stoke on a corporate getaway in the Algarve.

There are a few fantastic ways to bring surfing into your business world:

  • The most popular way is by creating a multi-day surf camp as your business retreat. Surfing with positive beach vibes creates a unique and positive energy for an engaged corporate getaway. So, a private surf-camp provides a great opportunity for those important strategic meetings. The surf lessons with other trip extras like yoga and local exploring combine perfectly for a fun, yet resourceful team event.
  • Don’t have the time to take days away? You could choose to head out on a surf day with a local surf school. It’s recommended to double up on the surf lessons though, as the second session is always the best as you get into the flow of surfing.
  • Or, for more regular doses of surf happiness and wellness, you could set up a corporate surf club where you frequently catch waves together. Surf can be utilised nicely as part of an ongoing wellness and incentive programme for your hard-working staff.

Whatever way you bring surfing into your business, it really is an amazing team building and wellness activity!

Ready to catch some waves in 2021? Drop us a quick message and see how we can create a private surf camp, surf day out or an ongoing surf club for your business. We provide surf lessons in Portugal or surf in Wales as well as being a handy one-stop shop for group travel and team-building services.

Thanks for reading our blog and I hope to see you in the line-up soon,

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