Netflix Travel & Adventure Lockdown List

1st April 2020 | Adventure Travel

Chasing Coral Netflix documentary

Now that we’re all stuck at home due to Covid-19 and can only dream about our next travel destinations, we thought we’d share our favourite travel and adventure films & docu-series with you that are currently available on Netflix in the UK. Hopefully this lockdown list will help you pass the time and feel inspired about where to travel to next, when the travel ban is lifted and the world goes back to normal post coronavirus.

This has got to be one of our all-time favourite adventure films. Wild is based on the real story of Cheryl Strayed (played by Reese Witherspoon) who decides to go on a solo-adventure, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (one of the longest hiking trails in the USA) to try and put her life back together and deal with her past. Cheryl has many obstacles to overcome whilst on this incredible adventure and the film will definitely leave you wanting to go explore and push yourself on your next adventure.

If you’ve ever dreamed about climbing Everest or if you are planning your hike up to Basecamp, then this film has got to be on your Netflix list (with an awesome cast incl. Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Sam Worthington, Kiera Knightley & Jason Clarke). Again, the film is based on real events and it shows a group of climbers getting caught in a snowstorm whilst on their final ascent to the summit, leaving them to fight for their lives. A very inspiring story and it shows why perhaps hiking to basecamp is satisfying enough!

The Terminal
This film might not showcase any amazing looking destinations or inspire you for your next trip, but it will hit home if you’ve spent a lot of time at airports. Tom Hanks stars in this feel-good movie where Viktor Navorski gets stranded on JFK Airport after fleeing his own war-torn country. Whilst officials check his background & identity, Viktor is stuck to live at the airport. I think we can all relate as you’ve probably had to spend a long time at the airport waiting for your next connecting flight.

Another inspiring film based on a true story. Here we follow the adventures of Tami (Shailene Woodley) & Richard (Sam Claflin) who get hit by a catastrophic hurricane whilst sailing across the Pacific Ocean. Richard has severe injuries and the boat gets badly damaged during the storm, Tami is forced to fall back on her own skills & determination to somehow find their way back to Hawaii and survive.

Tales By Light Netflix Documentary


Expedition Happiness
We follow the exciting journey of a young German couple building a mini-home in a refurbished old school-bus and their epic road-trip across Canada, USA & Mexico. They come across many beautiful places but also have some bumps along the way. They share their adventure with their cute dog – couple goals right there! The documentary is in English and German with subtitles. And whilst we’re on the subject of German documentaries, also check out Pedal The World!

Tales By Light

If you love photography and the story behind all those stunning travel pictures you see in National Geographic Magazine, Tales By Light looks into all the effort that went behind taking that one perfect snapshot. Get some new travel ideas as a variety of professional photographers show different locations around the world and explain why they love photographing there so much. Including swimming with whale sharks and visiting indigenous cultures.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
This short 4-episode series takes celebrities like Seth Rogan to different cities around the world, where they try out local dishes together with Chef David Chang. From Vancouver to Marrakesh, this series will guaranteed make you want to travel there and taste some of that delicious food!  

Jago, a life underwater
Have you heard of Indonesia’s Bajau people? They live on simple houseboats at sea and are masters in diving with 1 single breath. They are probably the best divers in the world and their body has completely adapted to this unique lifestyle. Jago, a life underwater, follows the life of an 80-year-old Bajau diver who can hunt underwater for several minutes with just one single breath.    

Chasing Coral
We’ve got to admit, we are obsessed with the Big Blue and all life within it. Chasing Coral captures the beautiful living things in our seas and discuss the rapid vanishing of important coral reefs and why it’s happening. An educative documentary with incredible underwater footage.  

Looking to chat group travel for this autumn or 2021? Feel free to drop me an email, I’m happy to discuss our Wales & Portugal options with you. We’re all here to help and support each other, so if nothing else, we hope you enjoy our Netflix travel movie list whilst we stay indoors for now and save lives!

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