Swapping Facials for a Foamy: why a surfing hen party beats the spa

4th July 2019 | Adventure Travel, Hen Party, Portugal, Wales

By Beth Goodwin

When people think of a traditional hen party they don’t often picture the hen being decked from head to toe in a wet suit. But if the thought of yet another ‘spa day and Prosecco’ sounds about as exciting as a dry ham sandwich; surfing is the perfect alternative hen party activity that incorporates laughs, thrills and memories (and Prosecco, it is still a hen do after all).

And hey, this is nothing against spa days: I love being pampered in a robe and slippers with a glass of free booze as much as the next girl. But for adventurous hens looking to break the mold, surfing is the ideal substitute.

Surfing has long conjured up a stereotypical image of gnarly surfer dudes living out of vans and the misconception that it is a male dominated sport, but this couldn’t be further from the truth: some of the most talented and noteworthy surfers in the world are women, and the mental and heath benefits of the sport are enormous.

Surfing girl in Wales

Smiles all round on a surfing trip in Wales

Surfing has been proven to reduce stress and it’s easy to see why: there’s something soul replenishing about being out in the water under the sun with your girls, free of judgement and having a good time. And if you fall over (you probably will) who cares! It’s all part of the fun, and will keep you all laughing about it for weeks to come, especially as you re-watch the accompanying Go-Pro footage again, and again, and again…

But surfing is not only good for the mind; it has huge health and fitness benefits for your body. It strengthens your core, arm and leg muscles and is great cardiovascular exercise, as well as improving flexibility and balance. Plus gorgeous clear oceans, sandy beaches and blue skies certainly make a nice change from the inside of a sweaty gym, so you’re having a great time and getting fit, all whilst being with your mates.

Sunset over Praia da Arrifana

Beautiful sunset over Praia de Arrifana

Going on a surf trip can provide a little slice of paradise, and who knows, you might find out you have a new favourite hobby. For hen parties looking for something different; surfing is the perfect example of a fun, dynamic activity for everyone to channel their inner surf queens. And who says you can’t treat yourself to a massage afterwards? You’ll deserve it…

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