Sea Change Wine; the eco-conscious wine range protecting our oceans

3rd March 2021 | Adventure Travel

Sea Change Wine, Eco-conscious wines

We are super excited to be teaming up with Sea Change Wine, an ethically sourced, eco-friendly range of wine from the UK. Sea Change is not only passionate about great tasting wine but also about protecting the oceans from plastic pollution. And that’s something that our team at Big Blue can get onboard with! We care deeply about our oceans and the impact we all have on it. Each bottle of eco-conscious wine helps fund ocean conservation projects across the globe (such as Plastic Oceans, Sea Changers & the Olive Ridley Project) and Sea Change Wine has already raised an impressive €75,000 so far. The company also uses minimal & sustainable packaging, reducing their impact on the environment. ‘Now how do I get my hands on one of these delicious wines’, I hear you say?

On our Big Blue company retreats, adventure weekends for hen-do’s and other active short breaks for groups we often include our very own giftbags with carefully selected local and sustainable products, and yes this can include a bottle of red or prosecco! But more likely you’ll be seeing these uniquely designed bottles on our trips whilst enjoying one of our meal & drink packages post adventure.

Of course we had to try these organic and vegans wines ourselves first before we decided to share them with you. We sipped on a white (Sauvignon Blanc) with whale label, a red (Negroamaro) with dolphin label and a Prosecco Rosé with starfish label. And that’s really the first thing that stands out, the labels! Made out of paper from sustainable forests and in part from grape waste, it’s the hand drawn images on each bottle that make it unique. Each different wine flavour/type has its own label showing a marine animal with stomachs full of plastic, illustrating the dangers of plastic pollution in our oceans.

After a fun evening of wine-tasting, the Sauvignon Blanc came out on top, though we loved all three bottles!
– Match this with a warm summer surf day in the Gower Peninsula, taking in some sunrays on Rhossili Bay beach whilst sipping the refreshing, smooth white wine.
– The Negroamaro perfectly pairs with a sunset hike on the Rota Vicentina coastal path in Algarve, stopping half-way for a picnic made up of local Portuguese produce, Sea Change Wine and an incredible view of the rugged coastline and pristine beaches.
– There is never a bad time to crack open a bottle of Prosecco (Rosé) with your colleagues, best mates or family, but our favourite moment is after coasteering in Lisbon or coasteering in Wales. Celebrate taking on the challenge and perhaps doing something you’ve never done before, even pushing some boundaries with the cliff-jumps. You deserve a glass of bubbly!

We’ve gone for our favourite coastal moments to match the beachy wine range.
If you simply can’t wait to join Big Blue on an adventure and want to try Sea Change Wine now, then why not surf their website for the complete selection.