Our top tips for staying warm and eco-friendly this Autumn

3rd September 2019 | Adventure Travel, Seasonal Travel Tips, Wales

By Hannah Priest

It’s the start of September and the warm sunny days are slowly coming towards an end for another year. However, this doesn’t mean that your outdoor adventures have to finish as well because as the saying goes; there’s no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing! However, with global warming becoming a bigger issue by the day we thought it would be best to help you stay warm but also eco-friendly as the seasons change.



With the average sea temperature being between ten and six degrees over the autumn and winter months so a good thick wetsuit is key for sea lovers. In order to be comfortable in the sea it is recommended to wear a wetsuit thats 5mm thick, especially for coasteering!
Tiki – If you want to support British companies then this is a great band they have a wide variety of different winter wetsuits with a range of prices to suit everyone.
DEEPLY– are an alternative brand who have one main goal of sustainability for our planet! Their wetsuits are made of environmentally friendly neoprene made using natural rubber from plants.


Hiking Boots
If you prefer to stay on land then a warm pair of hiking boots is essential for wintery adventures. Whether you’re planning on hiking up Snowdon or exploring the Gower Peninsula then a sturdy pair of winter boots is a great start.
VivoBarefoot– An eco-friendly active shoe and hiking boot company! With many of their winter boots being made using recycled plastic but don’t worry, they are still resistant to both snow and rain. The magna trail hiking boots are strongly recommended for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint and to have a practical boot.

Waterproof Jacket
We all know that the British weather can be unpredictable no matter what time of year it is but a waterproof jacket is definitely required for any outing during the colder months of the year.
Colombia Extreme Eco Jacket– Colombia have launched new eco-friendly jackets designed for both cold conditions and rainy days. This a unique jacket as it’s 100% recycled fabric and dye free fabrics. This means you can be warm while exploring whilst helping the planet!


Water Bottle
For every activity no matter the season it is always important to remain hydrated. But, with plastic pollution being one of the key contributors to the destruction of our oceans and climate change, it’s time to switch from single use plastic bottles to a reusable one.
Yuhme– This reusable company make their water bottles out of sugar cane, which is a 100% biodegradable product. Profits from this water bottle also go towards supporting communities in Africa by providing them with clean safe water.                                                                                                                Chilly’s– This eco-friendly water bottle can be used for both hot and cold drinks, making it a great addition for those cold winter adventures!

Hope you have a great time exploring throughout the winter and do your part by being more eco-friendly